Lifetime Limited Warranty

Mucktape, LLC warrants tape measures against deficiencies in material and workmanship for the useful life of the tool. Deficient products will be replaced by Mucktape, LLC with proof of purchase. Additional items you should know about this warranty: Mucktape, LLC is not responsible for damage resulting from excessive wear, misuse, abuse, dropping, damage from accident or alteration of this product. Where permitted by law, Mucktape, LLC is not responsible for accidental or consequential damages. Mucktape, LLC tape measures are inspected and tested before shipment and are believed to be free from defects in workmanship and material. We cannot be responsible for tape measures that have had long use or that show excessive wear or damage from accident, misuse or abuse. THIS LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY EXCLUDES ALL INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

Replacement Policy:

Conditions that allow for replacement: A tape measure showing defects in material or workmanship like those described below will be replaced free of charge. If you believe that your tool meets the criteria for warranty replacement, please complete the warranty return form on our website, proof of purchase will be required.

1. Missing hook rivets or tape end hook

2. Tape measure shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse — but blade will not retract into the case or wants to come out automatically

3. Tape measure shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse — but one of its features or components is broken or will not function correctly, such as lock won’t hold, broken slide lock, etc.

4. Tape measure shows little or no wear, no signs of abuse — but belt clip is missing or broken

Conditions Not Covered by Our Warranty:

  1. Rust and corrosion on blade or hook which indicates that the tape measure has been exposed to moisture for long periods or left outside.
  2. Blade torn by retracting at high speed, broken by being stepped on or accidentally cut
  3. Bare metal showing on the blade; excessive wear on case exterior indicates that the tape measure is worn out.
  4. Broken parts, cracked cases, twisted or badly kinked blades indicate that the tape measure has been abused.

Tips for making sure your tape measure lasts

  1. Keep your tape measure clean
  2. Keep your tape blade dry after using in wet conditions
  3. Keep your retraction speed under control, do not recoil at high speeds
  4. Keep your tape blade from being kinked or twisted
  5. Keep your end hook from getting snared or bent
  6. Keep your tape measure away from power tools

Warranty Claim

Submit a warranty claim by completing the form below.

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